Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Death by Cross Stitch and Flying Geese

Still on page 4 but I am working on DBCS. I have found that when I switched from a 28 Petite needle to a normal 28 needle my fingers didn't hurt as much. It's great that I hurt less but it feels like I'm stitching with a pencil.

I am also working on my Flying Geese quilt top. Most of the rows are sewn together, now to sew all the rows together. Many of these Flying Geese blocks were done while I was visiting my sister Janet in Virginia this fall. I started it because I don't like making FG and many many quilts use them and I needed to put on my big girl panties and get over my dislike. Still not my favorite but I am better at them.

The Dark Oriental quilt is ready to be quilt but I wanted to get this top finished first.

Happy Stitching


Robin in Virginia said...

Your Flying Geese quilt top is looking good! Glad switching up needles helps a bit!

Susan said...

Glad switching needles helped. I recently switched from a petite to a regular and found I made less counting errors (which really makes no sense). Your flying geese look amazing. Love how colorful it is.

Jan said...

Love the flying geese. Have you tried the ball point needles from Sullivans? I adore them. They glide real easy through the fabric.

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