Friday, June 20, 2008

I have 3 days off.

I am off for the next 3 days. WOO HOO!!!! I am getting the house picked up to today and making a Walmart run then back home to finish the 6th part of HDYGG that I started last night.
Saturday my friend Jan and I are having a stitching day. We will start with breakfast with Karen, another friend then head for Scarlet Threads a LNS that I have not been to in years. Then back to my house to stitch, I will be working on The Untold Story. I have had a neck problem this week and didn't get much done on it so I am going to work on it for another week. I will post the updates Sunday along with any stash I get.
Karen hasn't decided if she is going to join us for stitching after she does a list of honey do's she has to take care of, I hope she does.
I have closed my membership in BAPXS because I didn't like Claire telling us to post or log out of the group. I have posted but not a lot but I do not like being told I have to post. So I canceled my membership. I have joined "i-love-cross-stitch" and it seems like a great group so for.
Well thats all for now and I will post later this week end.
Happy Stitching All

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