Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Second Week of Recorvery

On May 2nd I had a thyroidectomy because I had two very large goiters on my Thyroid. Thank Goodness they were noncancerous but they were causing a lot of problems with my breathing so they had to come out. The ENT said that the Thyroid had to be removed at the same time. Today he said every thing was looking great and I needed to give it another week or so then back to my normal life. 
Needless to say for the 3 weeks leading up to the surgery I was a basket case and didn't do much of anything but sit on my but reading and worrying.  
So now I have a pretty scar where I let someone cut my throat but I am told it will almost disappear in about a year. 

I am feeling pretty good and hope to pick up my crafts and get going again soon. I have two projects going in the quilt room and Death by Cross Stitch sitting here by my chair waiting patiently. 

Square in a square Star block
I have 3 parts of Jen Kingwell's Lone Time Gone quilt done and part 4 ready to finish. As you can tell from the blocks this is going to be a very scrappy quilt. 
Bow Tie Blocks

Crosses of the UK blocks

Jacob's Ladder Blocks waiting to be finished

Friday, March 17, 2017

Death By Cross Stitch update and Tooly

I went to the Neurologist yesterday and it's possible the numbness in my hands is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. So I will have some tests in April and wear wrist splints at night for now. 
I am still working on DBCS but it is slow going. I have once again re sized my q-snap to a smaller size so I will see how that goes. Here is my picture of page two after 5 short sessions. I figure it took me 5 years to do Pot 4 Dickie so I have plenty of time to work on this one. 

 I also made a tool stand for my sewing table. I have had the pattern for a while but didn't make it until I saw it made by one of our Wednesday Sew Much Fun Stitchers.
Thanks Arliss and thanks for the polar fleece. I may have to make another one for my class sewing machine. I love my Bionic Gear Bag but there are so many pockets I have trouble finding what I want.

Happy Stitching Everyone.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Death by Cross Stitch and quilting

Here is page two day 3 after I went back and added the back stitch on page one. Haven't touched it in almost 2 weeks because I have been in read mode, but I will get back to it soon.

On the quilting front I pulled out a few UFO's and started a new quilt called Antelope Canyon. I picked the pattern up in Daytona at Quiltweek. I also made a casserole carrier at my Wednesday Sew Much Fun group. 

 This quilt top is going to be a quilt for my great grandson Kiros. 
 This is a table topper for my sister Janet. I was given a ziplock baggie of half finished quarter log cabin blocks and a bunch of strips. I finished the blocks and sewed them into this layout. It about a 25 inch square. 

This is the start of my newest scrappy quilt. It will end up about 74.5 by 74.5 when it's done. This is just one of the layouts but I think this is the one I am going with. I really like how it is turning out but it didn't even make a dent in my scrapy strip boxes.
 Last but not least is my casserole carrier that Gail designed for our sewing group. It has straps inside to hold the casserole and a hot pad, there is a pocket on the front for a serving spoon too.

Happy Stitching everyone.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Snails over the Stars

The top is done, I am calling it Snails over the Stars. Now it needs to be sandwiched and quilted.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Death by Cross Stitch

Made it to page 2, BUT one of the ladies on the FB page pointed out I didn't do the backstitch. Duhhhh what backstitch thinks I, the sheet I printed out doesn't show backstitch. No it does not but when I looked at the pdf file oh yes there is backstitch. On my print out it just looks like graph lines put on screen and with my new printer print out the backstitch lines are very clear. So I will go back and do the backstitching then back to page 2. 

 My snail trail quilt blocks are waiting to be squared up and sized before I sew them together into a top.But I am still debating adding to it so it is on hold right now. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Update on Death By Cross Stitch

I have been fighting a bout of Diverticulitis or at least that's what the doctor things.
I've been spending a lot of time in my recliner. But a lot of it is sleeping or surfing the net, but I have got some stitching done. 

I can also only sit up in the quilt room for a short time a day but I have got some sewing done on my Snail Trail Quilt. I have added 6 yellow and blue Ohio Star blocks. I am going to add 6 yellow and white Snail Trail blocks and maybe some blue and yellow Ohio Star blocks but I am still thinking about that. When I am working with out a quilt pattern anything can happen. :-)

Happy Stitching Everyone.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Death by Cross Stitch and other goodies.

I have been able to stitch on my Death by Cross Stitch the last two week. Since I switched back to a q-snap frame. I am almost done the upper left corner. 

My Jewel box quilt top is completed, I like how it turned out. I used greens and neutrals from my scraps/stash. I only had to purchase the dark green for the second border. This make 2 quilt tops finished for 2017 so far. My tumbler quilt top was a UFO but the jewel box I just started in December.

Wednesday our Sew Much Fun sewing group made little business card holders. So easy I made 2 in a very short time. I am going to make a bunch from my scraps.

Today I was making a place for my Accuquilt Cutting Dies and got a little sidetracked after getting them in place. I had gotten the Snail Trail die during the December sale but had not played with it so today I did. I cut enough blues and neutrals to make 6 blocks. I ended up making 3 before my side really started to bother me. They turned out pretty good and I am thinking about mixing them with some Ohio Stars. I'll keep you posted. 

Happy Stitching Everyone