Sunday, January 25, 2009

The weekend

I have gotten into a very strange sleep pattern with this working midnights. I got off at 630 friday morning, since I was going to be off that night I stayed up till around 1130 till I laid down for a 2 hour nap to take the edge off so I could enjoy my first night off. I woke up a 230 but decided to sleep for another hour. Well I woke up at 1245 that night, of course there was no going back to sleep. I got up and read and stitched the rest of the night. I stayed up till around 830 saturday night, I crashed till around 430 this morning and have been up since then. I am going to try to get a nap before I need to go into work tonight. No wonder I feel like I don't have any time off, I sleep it away.
I will post some pictures later in the week on both DREAM and The Untold Story, I have been working on both of them this weekend.
I did go yesterday and ordered the mat for my Sampler, ouch but with the weider size I needed to get it ordered because Michael's don't have the mat the I could buy to cut in color like I wanted.
Oh well I will post later in the week.

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