Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday 4/19/09 From Sunny Florida

My brother took a very close picture of the finished part one of Castles in the Air. The color of the material is a lot more cream than this but he got all the detail for me and it is a great shot.

Castles in the Air Part 1

Part two is out but I will have to wait till I get home to work on it because I didn't bring the floss for it with me on vacation. I will be going home later in the week and will work on it than.

I will be going up to Tallahassee on Wednesday to spend two days with Pamela if JC doesn't pick this week to show up where she works at Tallahassee Memorial. Then I will head home on Friday.
Of course I am already thinking about coming back in October but shuuuuuu don't tell anyone.
Happy Stitching


Nancy said...

Part one looks great! Have fun on the rest of your vacation.

Jan said...

Did you tell me you were going out of town?! You probably did, but the brain did retain. LOL Part 1 is great. Talk to you when you get back.