Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's a secret !!!!!!!!!!!

Shssssssssss I have a secret. Do you want to know what it is? Do you promise not to tell the Cross Stitch Police?

Ok, I’ll only tell you.

Well so how between part 1 and part 2 of Castles in the Air, I switch the symbols on two of the floral colors. I didn’t notice it till I was almost finished working on Part 3. Well I am not going back and fixing it now that's for sure. I like how it looks and I bet you can’t tell which colors I switched and I am not telling. So remember don’t tell the Cross Stitch Police.
But could someone tell me how the heck I mixed up a bright Red with a medium dark Pink.:-) Oh well it looks great that’s all that matters.

Here is my Castles in the Air, Part 3 got finished this evening
CITA pt 3 9.05.09

I am going to work on Sea Sprite for the rest of the Labor Day holiday weekend, I hope to finish page 3 and get a good start on page 4. So until Monday evening when I post my progress pictures, HAPPY STITCHING.


Jan said...

Well, it certainly looks beautiful to me.

woooo woooo wooo

Cheezit, the cops!

Ranae said...

It looks great and I am sure the police would have to hire some great detectives to find it, lol
Have a great rest of the Labor Day weekend

Daffycat said...

If the Cross Stich Police show up you just whip out your Artistic License and I'm sure you'll get off with only a warning!

Looks fab...can't tell at all!

Wanda said...

It looks fantastic! I think of switches and mix-ups as adding a touch of yourself to the piece! Forget the cross stitch police...they are all ex-quilters anyway! lol