Sunday, September 27, 2009

A rainy Sunday and my week of stitching.

This week I worked on Castles In The Air a few evening and I have about a third of part 3 done. I have the fountain and left peacock stitched and beaded.
CITA left peacock 9.27.09
I'll be working on this during the week tring to catch up and waiting for part 6 to come out.

Friday evening and Sunday I worked on The Bramble and The Rose from The Gift of Stitching June 2009 issue. I am using Carrie's Creation Blue Lagoon. I love the color changes and the floss is very easy to handle. I started in the middle and finished page 5 this afternoon.
brambles page 5
It looks pretty green in the picture but it's more blue in natural light, but the flash washes it out.

Didn't do any stitching on Saturday but I took back my bedroom from the clutter and dust bunnies. I got rid of two bags of clothes that I will never wear again and redid my dresser drawers. I even got all the clothes off my rocking chair and sat there last night crocheting. Its a great stitching chair too. small rocker
But boy was I beat when I went to bed last night.

Happy Stitching


Daffycat said...

Ooo, Castles looks awesome! The beads really make that peacock!

Jan said...

Come clean my bedroom! LOL! You know what a slob Sam is.

Castles is looking great. I love that peacock.

Anonymous said...

Your Castles is absolutely gorgeous. The peacock stole my heart!

Nancy M said...

Castles looks great, wish I was that far along! I am using Blue Lagoon on a project I am doing too and I love the color!! Your Bramble is very pretty.