Monday, March 15, 2010

Stitching and EBay

Have not been doing much stitching this week but did work on my LHN when Jan and Sharliena came over on Saturday. I also worked on Castles in the Air and will post a picture when I get part nine finished. We also took a trip to the LNS on the way to lunch. After lunch at a local buffet we all three sat here totally stuffed until it was time for them to head home.
On the nonStitching but Stash Enhancement side of our wonderful hobby I took a few trips to EBay last week and placed bids on a few lots of cross stitch fabric and I won two of them. I got them today and it is a nice batch of different fabrics , colors and counts, the first lot was 7 pieces:
  • 1 piece fabric 10" x 13" 28ct Linen / Twilight Blue.
  • 1 piece fabric 11" x 12" 14ct Soft Touch / Ivory.
  • 1 piece fabric 5" x 17" 26ct Evenweave / Grey.
  • 1 pieces fabric 15" x 15" 28ct Evenweave / White.
  • 1 piece fabric 5" x 12" 28ct Linen / Natural.
  • 1 piece fabric 8" x 10" 28ct. Evenweave / Rose.
  • 1 piece fabric 12" x 18" 14ct. Aida / Dk. Blue.

and the 2nd one was 7 pieces too:

  • 1 piece fabric 14" x 17" 14ct Huck Fabric / Ivory.
  • 1 piece fabric 16" x 27" 20ct Belinda / White
  • 1 piece fabric 15" x 18" 28ct Evenweave / White.
  • 1 pieces fabric 13" x 13" 27ct Evenweave / White.
  • 1 piece fabric 8" x 22" 18ct Cork Linen / White.
  • 1 piece fabric 10" x 11" 32ct. Belfast Linen / Black.
  • 1 piece fabric 8" x 10" 14ct. Plastic Canvas.

Not bad for $12 and some change. But my goodness the smoke smell on the fabric is very strong. I knew that the seller said they came from a smokers home but she didn't say a cigar smoker. Wow it was strong. I am washing the fabric now and will see if I can get the smell to go away so if you have any tricks to help let me know.

Oh yes I also got my new laptop on Saturday and I am getting use to Windows 7 and the larger keyboard and reloading all my needed software.

Happy Stitching everyone.


Charlene ♥ SC said...

After you've washed, dry in the sunshine. That should take care of any remaining smells.

Brigitte said...

That's a nice haul of fabric for a very low price. Like Charlene I think that washing it and drying outside should do the trick.