Sunday, May 16, 2010

A late finish and Stitch and Bitch update.

Wow another post and more pictures. This it a pillow I made for my friend in Florida. I stitched it for Christmas but never finished it. Since I am heading down to Florida in two weeks I had to stop being afraid to try a pillow and just go for it. It turned out great.

Jan gave me my first scissor frog today and I had the perfect wine glass for it. I had to fill it with a few pairs right away.

Jan and Sharliena spent the day with me. We went to breakfast and lunch of course and stitched. We also watched Avatar. Jan's had seen it a few times but Sharliena and I had not. I enjoyed it myself and loved the special effects.

Jan and I worked on our LHN piece for two hours than I switched to my Christmas Quaker Bellpull. I am over half done on page 3.


Quiltsmiles said...

Nice stitching. Glad you liked the movie Avatar- I loved it as well. Your pillow looks great- hard to believe it was your first, nicely done. Jane

LindataxPA said...

What a darling finish! I too need to venture into those pillow finishes, especially the ones with the beaded edge. What pattern is that sweet piece? And the frog looks great in the wine glass too. You had a good stitching weekend - good for you.


stitchesnscraps said...

Wonderful pillow! Can't believe it's your first! I love your belpull! It's beautiful! I still have to do Part 11 of CITA! You are ahead of me!


Gillie said...

Well done on the pillow - looks lovely, I am a pushover for anything alphabet-y! Hope you continue to feel better.

Fatema said...

Lovely stitching.