Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another month of almost no stitching

Here is my start of part 12 of Castles In The Air, gee I have till mid September to finish 12,13 and 14. I am hoping to get my stitching MOJO back this week for the start of my next 2 week vacation. I am staying home this time but my daughter and one of my grandsons are come for a visit from Missouri. But I hope to stitch before they get here on Thursday and after they leave on Monday.

Here is the Christmas Quaker Bellpull so far, I am on page 5 of 6 pages. It looks great and I love stitching on it when I am stitching.

Oh well summer is always a slow stitching time for me but lately my slow stitching has slowed down to almost dead stop. Oh well that is part of any of my hobbies.

Happy Stitching everyone and hope to post more progress in a few days.


Jan said...

Everything looks great. How many pages do you have to finish the Christmas bellpull? I doesn't look like you have too much left.

MarchAnn58 said...

Thanks Jan, I am on page 5 of 6 yea and I worked on it tonight too, double Yea Yea.

Brigitte said...

Both WIPs look really great. And I'm sure you'll get out of your stitching slump once your holidays have started.