Sunday, September 12, 2010

CITA the start of Part 14

Well this week end didn't start off to good my Saturday started with a bad head ache and went down hill from there. I spent the day in my recliner with the Cook.TV channel on all day while I napped on and off. Boy there are a lot of new cooking shows out there I have not seen, some good and some very very BAD. So I went to bed early hoping the Sunday would be better. And I am glad to say I woke this morning feeling a lot better.

I started Part 14 of CITA and got some of the left side done. Since I didn't bead part 13 yet I was able to use my Q-snaps which is making this part go pretty good. There will be some black work in this part as well so having the fabric tight is going to make it a lot easier. Once again Yvonne has done a great job on the next part and I know the next part will be just a great.

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Jan said...

Glad your headache left you. Once again I'm really taken with the colors on this. Nice work.