Sunday, October 24, 2010

CITA Part 16

This week end I worked on Part 16 of CITA, its finished. Now I need to go back to do the beading for parts 14 and 15. I plan to do that next weekend while during the week I plan to work on the Christmas Quaker Bell Pull. I will get the beading done before part 17 comes out. As you can see I am going with the fantasy version, welllllllllll at least for this part. I will make up my mind as each part comes out.
Happy Stitching everyone.


Nancy M said...

Congrats on being so up to date on this piece! By the time I get there, I will know what the entire design looks like and will be able to choose which one.

Tara said...

Its beautiful!

lenna said...

Simply gorgeous! Now I wish I had kept up with mine. Maybe next year. Your stitching in so beautiful. Like your Merry Christmas Quaker one, too.
God Bless ~

Val said...

Looking great - well done - I haven't even started yet !!

Abi said...

It's looking absolutely stunning, March-Ann - and well done for keeping up to date with it! I'm still stuck on part 3, if mine turns out just half as good as yours I'll be chuffed to bits with it!

I hope you are rightfully proud of it - it's a real heirloom in the making!

Gillie said...

Oh, how I wish I could come and see this for real! You are doing such a beautiful job, March Ann, congratulations!