Sunday, November 14, 2010

November's Stitch and Bitch

Happy Sunday everyone.
We had a good Stitch and Bitch again this month. Jan and my sister Janet were here yesterday and my sister spent the weekend. We ate and we stitched and girl did we BITCH. Jan and I worked on our SAL Home of a needlework byLHN. She got hers finished but I have a few more hours to put into mine. Hope to finish it tonight since I am working a midnight shift and should have plenty of time to stitch.
I also worked on the last page of the Christmas Quaker Bell pull and should have it finished by next Sunday if I can keep the stitching mojo going this week. I want to be ready for the part 17 of the Castles In The Air that should be out around the 16th.
I am also researching E-Readers so if anyone has one they like please let me know. I am leaning towards the Barnes and Noble Nook since it will do different formats, and I want to read my doc files and pdf's files on it too.
Happy Stitching Everyone.


Pete's Pixie said...

Hi Marchann - everything is coming along sooo well! Did you see how Mouse finished off her "Home of a Needleworker"? Looking forward to seeing both finished. Can I borrow your mojo when you are done with it? Hugs, Ally xx

Mouse said...

Hehehehe I had to laugh at Ally's comment ... I haven't finished it yet its still a UFO worked on Thursdays one I have finished other stuff though if you want to have a look at my blog :)
glad you enjoyed your stitching session :)
love mouse

DJ said...

I love your Christmas Quaker, it's coming along nicely!! So is your LHN piece. What a good feeling to near the end of something!! Good to hear from you again! *Hugs*

Gillie said...

We like the nook, the WT got it for his birthday because of all his travelling. Congratulations on all your stitching, looking good!

Patti-Rocky Mtn Stitcher said...

The Christmas sampler is looking great. Lovwe the LH design also.