Saturday, April 30, 2011

How oh how am I going to put my stach in order.

My old stash storage

My new stash storage

I haven’t been doing much stitching this week because I have had the urge to find a new way to store my stash to get ready to move in about 12 months. I know that seems like a while but believe me I started counting at 32 months and it seems like it was only yesterday. I am also a procrastinator so now seemed like a good time to really start. And yes I know I am still buying samplers on EBay but I am also going to be getting rid of the patterns/chart books that I have out grown. I am putting the keeper patterns in heavy duty sheet protectors and than into 3 inch 3 ring binders instead of just having them stored in a storage tub. Once I have everything in binders I can put it into some kind of order but for now its fun to flip through the binder to see all the patterns and magazines I am keeping. I found a lot of patterns I had forgotten I had and many I wonder where my mind was when I got brought them.

I also found a few patterns that I brought years ago that yes you guessed it I bought another copy of from EBay in the last few months. Gee guess my tastes haven’t changed that much in the last ohhhhhh thirty five years.
I have found a few interesting baggies with goodies I picked up at classes and Guild meeting a few years ago. I found two small very nice Trinkets by Orna Wells that I stitched a few years ago. Aren’t they great, I want to finish them into ornaments or box tops, they will look wonderful as either.  
I did pull out an old bell pull by Marilyn Leavitt called Family Treasure III. It’s a little over half done and I put a few more stitches in it on Thursday night as my UFO of the week. :-)  I would like to get this one and my Noah’s Needle by Just Nan completed sometime this year. Of course something else is going to wait and I will mostly change my mind what I want to work on next week but for now that's my story and I am sticking to it.
Happy Stitching everyone


anojaa said...

wow! you've done a great job! i"ve done this some months ago and it was funny to find things I've completly forgotten. The trinkets and the bell pull look great.

Nancy said...

Storing charts in binders is such a great idea! I did the same last year with my stash. Once I had them all organized I made labels for the binder spines so that I can easily tell whats in there. Of course I have a few more than 3 binders but we won't talk about that! That would make me feel the need to purge and I can't seem to get to that part! LOL

Have a good weekend!

Jan said...

I don't remember the Family Treasures III. Very lovely. I want to see that close up. I remember the Orna Wells. They'll make great box tops.