Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day 2011

I don't have any stitching pictures today but I am going to work on my Castles In The Air and will post a few pictures tomorrow.  What I am going to post about is what I did this morning.  I drove by the house where I grew up and its true it alway looks smaller when you go back. Now you do have to know I only live about 4 miles from the subdivision where my parents lived from 1952 till 1982, but I just don't go back. Mom and Dad raise 4 kids in a 3 bedroom 1.5 bath duplex. And let me tell you that driveway was not there and it was a blase to roll down that hill. Hey I was a little kid at the time. But boy did it look tiny when I looked at it today.

Then I grabed some Mickey D's and went to Arlington National Cemetary and had breakfast with Mom for Mother's day. The tree that sits in front of the neiche was in bloom it was covered with little white flowers that smelled heavenly. Mom use to love it when we would go out there so she could sit near Dad for a while. Geeees I didn't cry out there but am balling like a baby as I type this. But that's ok its a good crying.

Happy Mothers Day and  I will be back soon with pictures of CITA.

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Nancy said...

Know what you mean...Hugs...