Sunday, August 21, 2011

One step closer to finishing CITA

I have another update for today, it is the top right medallion of CITA beads and all,. You can't see the beads very well in the picture but they do twinkle.

Here is a snap of the cross stitch I did for my nieces, all framed. The girls where very pleased with them. The Navy one got to Kelli on her 25th birthday yesterday, as you can guess she is in the Navy. Chicks Rule went to her older sister Ashlea as a late birthday present. I was very very happy with how they turned out.

Have a great week everyone and Happy Stitching.


mdgtjulie said...

Both are very cute. And your Castles looks good. I've seen several lately!!

Gabi said...

Your castle in the air is coming along quite well. Love your colors.
Congrats on the finishes and framing for your nieces. Both pieces look gorgeous.

wendy111 said...

CITA is looking so pretty - love the colours. Love the chickies too (both pieces are great and will be loved I am sure)

Gillie said...

CITA - so pretty! Like to two for the nieces too.

Jo said...

Your CITA is looking lovely. Can't wait to get back to mine once the kids are back in school x