Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September TUSAL and something to think about

Here is a different view of my ORT jar this month. I took a picture of  the top view for a change.

 One of my coworkers asked me today what I did with the finished projects that I don't have framed yet, well here is what I do. They live in a drawer waiting to find a home in just the right frame. I didn't know I had this many in the drawer, oh well maybe I will frame them when I retire. I mean I am going to have to have something to do everyday. :-)
I know there are two pieces in this set that will never be finished but they really look good as they are so I may frame them anyway. So I'm wondering where are your unframed finished projects????
Happy Stitching


Nancy said...

Mine are stored in a drawer too!

Jan said...

You know I have a drawer full!

Susan said...

Larger ones are rolled and stored in a drawer. Small ones are laid out flat in a scrapbook box (the square plastic ones you can get at the box craft stores). My most recent finishes are pinned to the curtin in the den so I can look at them before they are consigned to the drawer or box.

ChrisG said...

That sure is a lot to frame. Mine are in an open shelf, and I use the inner rolls of bathroom tissue or paper towels to keep them from being smooshed.