Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend update

Saturday was October's Stitch & Bitch, Jan and Sharliena joined me for breakfast than back to my house for the day. Sharliena has gone back to school so she worked on her homework while Jan and I stitched, of course all of us bitched a little. As always it was great to get together and relax.
Jan and I worked on our S&B piece. I got my sign out line finished and before we meet again we are going to chart and stitch our names in place on our signs. Jan has most of her other lettering done but I haven't even started my lettering, I wanted to get my sign done first. You can check out her piece on her blog.

Here is what I have done on my sign.

Then I worked on Herbie for the rest of the weekend and I stitched some tonight too. The colors are really eye catching and I am really glad I started this piece. As I said in an earlier post this is the first Chatelaine I have started to stitch.But I have to say it is the third one I have purchased.

I worked on Pit 4 Dickie last week and plan to work on it tomorrow and Wednesday so I will post a picture later in the week.
Happy Stitching Everyone

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Susan said...

Beautiful stitching. I really like the blues in Herbie