Saturday, November 19, 2011

Herbie Part 1

During my S&B today with Jan and Sharliena I worked on my Needlewomen sign and on Herbularius. We ate good food and had some great conversion. A good time was had by all. Jan and I worked on our S & B piece for two hours and we will spend two hours working on them over the next month so we can finish them at our last S & B in 2011. 
I kept stitching after they left as part of IHSW and finished part 1 of Herbie, well all but the beads. I am going to do part 2 than bead them both before I move the piece to a scroll frame. I am going to work on Pot 4 Dickie and my Quaker Welcome tomorrow to continue my second day of the IHSW.
I will post again on Monday with my progress on Pot 4 Dickie and my Quaker Welcome as part of IHSW.
See you all soon and Happy Stitching.


Susan said...

Herbularius is beautiful! I'm really enjoying watching your progress.

Nancy said...

Beautiful work!

Joysze said...

It's beautiful! I love the colors in this one.