Friday, March 9, 2012

WIPS for March

Don't have much to show for this last months since I was away for a while and OK I admit it I was in reading mode.  I did work on my Long Dog Sampler Pot 4 Dickie while I was in Florida. But most of the time I was sitting with my big brother Denny, he had by-pass surgery on Feb 17th so we sat and talked a lot this trip. He read his old time Sci-fi paperbacks and I read about my Vampires and Werewolves on my Nook.


 I went ahead and opened it up so you all can see how far I have gotten. I have a loooong way to go and I still love this piece. 


I worked on my Wiehenburg Quaker Welcome Bank a little while too. I am stitching it  up and down but I am turning the pattern so the letters will be on their side until I hang the piece over a door in my new home in Florida when I move in a few months. 
Happy Stitching all and I hope to have a lot to show next months. 


Nancy said...

You have made so much progress on Pot 4 Dickie, it's beautiful! Love your welcome sampler too!

Jan said...

You got a lot done on the Pot 4 and the Welcome. They both look great.

Susan said...

Both pieces look great. Really like your color choice for Quaker Welcome.

Sue said...

Your stitching is lovely. Both pieces look fabulous. The sampler looks really striking in mono. Love the floss on the other. Ray Bradbury is my favourite old style sci fi writer and my cat is named Lestat.

Ginger said...

I too love the P4D pattern, but you are further ahead than I am! Your stitching looks LOVELY!

I look forward to more progress pictures in teh future.

Val said...

Wow fantastic work there !!

Val x