Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday update from Florida

I have been busy this last week. I have worked on my genealogy, Cross Stitched and added a new hobby well guess its a hobby. So this is a picture heavy post this week.
I went to the Crafty Ladies group here in On Top of the World and met 3 knitters and 3 crocheters. I pulled out my cross stitch and had a nice hour and a half getting to know the ladies. I will be going back and I may even take my crocheting.  I worked on Pot 4 Dickie, got a little done during the talking. Next week I am going to join the Happy Hockers on Monday afternoon too. The Crafty Ladies tell me there are more cross stitchers in that group.

I've been working on my Châtelaine's Herbularius the last week and I have almost finished part 2. I am way behind but I am working on it slowly but surely.

Went to sit on the porch yesterday and when I opened the chair I found that a baby frog was hiding in there from all the rain we've had lately. He sat there very still while I went to grab the camera unlike the lizard I found in the other chair over the weekend. I left the frog alone and he disappeared a few minutes after I came back in the house for my coffee.

My new hobby I guess you will call it is ZenTangle. I have alway been a doodler and now I can do it with a purpose. With ZenTangle you doodler but instead of doing it mindlessly you think about each line and design you make. I had seen a ZenTangle cross stitch years ago (wish I could find it) and when I saw a ZenTangle class listed here at OTOW I had to sign up for it. Well I decided to go on line and reserach it ahead of time and I found a world of information, websites and blogs. I had to grab some pens and give it a try. Here are three I did in the last couple days. I need to practice because they are not as smooth and neat as I would like. Take my word for it ZenTangle is not as easy as I thought it would be.

 Happy Stitching all and have a safe 4th of July next week.


Jan said...

The stitching looks great. The frog is cute. Lots of critters down there huh?

I love the Zen Tangle. I like the one you said was too busy.

I was going to ask if you had joined any groups yet. Glad to see you've found some.

Anne said...

Herbularius is looking fantastic!!! Really love the black and white band sampler you are making. So striking! Oooh a wee frog! So cute!! Glad you didn't sit on him!

Lorraine said...

Hi MarchAnn! Sorry, I think I left this comment under the wrong blog post, so here it is again. Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog about my zentangle inspired art! And welcome to our pattern-filled world! It's addictive, I warn you. I do a lot of stitching myself, mostly patchwork but occasionally a bit of X-stitch. Your work looks lovely, as does your tiny froglet!