Thursday, July 19, 2012

TUSAL for July 2012

I have been stitching again so this month I did have some ORT's to add to my jar. I have been working on Herbie, my Quaker Welcome, Pot 4 Dickie and The Untold Story. I do stitch down to the last inch of floss so my ORT's are little bitty bits but they all went into my ORT's jar.

 I plan to work on The Untold Story this week end for the IHSW so I will post a picture on Monday.

I am loving my new home in Ocala Florida and I am in the pool almost every day. I have also joined two stitching groups but will be dropping one since I didn't find the first group as open and friendly. I will try them again in September when more people are back from vacation.
Happy stitching everyone and see you next month.

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