Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Winner is !!!!!!!!!!

I had the ladies over today for Mah Jongg and I had one of them draw a name for the winner of the Traveling Pattern. The winner is Vickie at A Stitcher's Story. And I want to thank the other ladies for entering leaving a comment and I hope you will continue to follow the pattern and my Blog in 2013. 
 The pattern will wing its way toward Wisconsin as soon as I get Vickie's address. I hope we can keep this pattern going for 2013 and beyond. I plan to keep up with it just to see how far it can go. 
Happy New Years and Happy Stitching everyone.  


Vickie said...

Thank you March Ann! I am so glad. I have been following this little patterns for many, many months. Isn't it fun?

Emma/Itzy said...

Congrats Vickie!