Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Update and March TUSAL

  My TUSAL for March is full of wonderful little ORT's and invisible thread ends from my beading on Herbie.  
I have been stitching like crazy while listening to J.D. Robb's Death series. I have also been able to download a few digital books by Lori Foster that the Marion County Library system has for digital download. Digital books really works for me since I can't just sit and listen to a digital book. I have to be driving or doing something and stitching works great for me. So I am set for a while with a source for free digital books. 
I worked on Pot 4 Dickie and Herbie (Herbularius by Chatelaine) last week and today I started working on the Celtic Wedding Sampler, I will post my progress on it next week. 

 Happy Stitching everyone. 


Glenna said...

Jan and I thought of you yesterday when the Nashville stuff arrived--we figured you would like the new Long Dogs! Pot 4 D and Herbie look amazing...

cucki said...

so pretty x

Nicola said...

Audio books give me endless hours of enjoyment whilst stitching.

ricketyjo said...

they look wonderful, you have so many pretty things to stitch! :)