Monday, July 22, 2013

No Stitching A Lot of Painting

Wow I can't seem to get my fingers back busy with my stitching needle. I have been reading and I finished the painting part of the  re-do on my guest bathroom. It went from girly, PINK flowery to blue and beachy. I am very please with it that's for sure. 
But let me tell you something I learned the hard way. DO NOT BREAK THE TOILET TANK LID........ You can't find one to fit if you have an older toilet, and if you do be ready to pay anywhere from $49 to $79 plus if you get one on line its $17 to ship it. So I put the lid from the master bathroom in the guest room bathroom and will build a cover for the one in the master bathroom where no one will see it but me.
 Gee maybe I need to start a new stitching project, hummmmm  may be that's the way to get stitching again. I'll keep you all posted, have to get the house ready for Mah Jongg tonight. I love having the ladies over. 


Patti-Rocky Mtn Stitcher said...

it looks lovely-now you need to stitch soemthing to go in there LOL-

Jan said...

Good painting job! Someday I will get to see it in person.
Now, pick up that needle and stitch.

Glenna said...

Well, it certainly is pretty--but we all know you have an eye for color and design! Pity about the tank lid. Instead of buying a new one, maybe there's a place that sells house parts to renovators (don't know what they're called--you know, like doors and old hinges and whatnot).

cucki said...

Beautiful painting job...looking so pretty.
Big hugs x

Minnie said...

Nice paint job, I've got a bathroom that needs a makeover. We'll talk the next time you're in town. And I agree you need some cross stitching in there to really make it complete.