Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Oh No Stop Me

Oh No my obsession with cross stitch has been joined by a new obsession. Of course you all know by now that my new obsession is Quilting. I am already collecting patterns that I want to do AND I am turning my guest room into a quilting/guest room. Today my buddy Gail found me a tall, drop leaf cutting table and the cutting mat to add to my quilting room. This will save me putting the dining room table up on blocks when I have a lot of cutting to do. The table is in the dining room until I get rid of a night stand in the quest room that is being used as my printer ink storage. I am really pleased with this and since the shop was closing Gail got me a GREAT deal. Thank you again Gail. 
I also got some great material to use to make a One Block Wonder quilt. I can't wait to try this but I need to pick up a ruler before I do so I hope to do that this week some time. 
I only have two more quilting classes than I will show you all my finished quilt. 
I have two more medallions finished on the Quaker Welcome sampler that I will be working on this week and I will post some pictures later. 
Happy Stitching everyone, No matter what kind of stitching it is.



Jan said...

Nice table. I expect to see lots of quilting.

llknbillburg said...

That is a wonderful table! Plenty of room to work and then takes up little space when not in use. What a great find!! Laura

cucki said...

Wonderful table ..
Enjoy xx

Glenna said...

Brilliant! Love the table. Boy are you going to be in trouble with all those projects. I just started buying a few quilt projects myself, with no immediate plans to stitch. But you know how that ends up... We're missing you, but it's clear you're thriving there! Stitch on!

Deb said...

Love that table! Must have one!