Friday, October 25, 2013

Quilting Update

Woooo Hoooo I am going to quilt my class Sampler Quilt this weekend. We are going to have to do a make up class to learn how to bind our Quilts since we didn't get to that part of the lessons. So I don't know when this one will be completed but it is turning out great and I love it. I was worried about the borders but now I see they work great. I will post another picture of my Sampler Quilt when I have the quilting finished. 
Pinned for Quilting

Jelly Roll Quilt Top
I have also wanted to do a Jelly Roll Quilt since I saw my first Jelly Roll Race so this week I made one for myself. It was fun but I sure didn't race, but it was great practice for making 1/4 inch seems. I will be making others since there are so many beautiful colored Jelly Rolls. One Jelly Roll makes a pretty big top even without the borders. It would almost be big enough for a twin bed.

Happy Stitching Everyone,


cucki said...

Happy day xx

Jan said...

Looking good! You are really getting the hang of it.

Deb said...

Love the colors and pattern!

Miss LindaLee said...

Beautiful fabrics and quilts. Keep up the great job.

Melissa said...

Beautiful quilt tops! I've only just begun quilting myself and I just love seeing what other people are doing :)

Keep up the good work!


PS: I agree that the boarder looks great on your Sampler Quilt :)