Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Weekend and Birthday update

Had a great day yesterday with my friend Gail and her sister Beth. We went to the Suwannee Valley Quilt Shop and had a nice lunch in the Suwannee Rose Cafe. I did some quilt stash enhancement for my grandson's quilts, and picked up some fabric to do the binding on my One Block Wonder Quilt. 
Than in the evening I went over to Gail's for dinner and we played cards. We played Hearts which I have never played before and I got over a hundred points. Sounds good doesn't it until you know that you want as few points as you can get. Oh well that's alright at least I learned a new game. 

 This is the fabrics for Roy and Jacob's quilts. I had most of them but did add some yesterday. Roy is 11 years old and he gets one that is very sports related and Jacob who is 5 will have his football team's fabric but a lot of very bright colors.

This weekend I worked on my December quilt BOM and started matching it up with the Oct, and Nov blocks. As you see it is still very colorful. 

I also worked on Pot 4 Dickie over the weekend and finished the band I was working on last week. 10 wide bands down and only 8 more wide bands to go.

I am off to play Hand and Foot than meet my brother and his wife for dinner. Wow I really enjoy my retirement. I am out of the house or have people in at least 4 days a week and am loving it. 

Happy Stitching everyone. 


Miss LindaLee said...

Hi there! Love this post of yours. A happy, busy and fun post. I have always loved being retired, and like yourself, I've kept busy. There are so many beautiful things to enjoy making and some great people to spend time with. I love your work. Beautiful stitching. Have a wonderful week.

Susan said...

Great stash and progress! Everyone I know that has retired all say they can't figure out how they had enough time to work with all the other things on their schedule. So glad you're enjoying it.

Jo said...

Great stash, love the bright fabrics you chose, my DS2 would adore them. Pot 4 Dickie is looking great.