Friday, March 14, 2014

Pot 4 Dickie Update

 I just finished the band I was working on last week on Pot 4 Dickie. I think this was one of the prettier bands. Only seven more bands to go, but the last band is a very wide one with many letters. 

This week I also started working on the first of three quilts I am planning to make for my grandchildren. I started with Roy's quilt, its got a sports theme. He is a Kansas State fan so I have included  KState fabric. It looks blue in the picture but it is very purple and I am thinking of bordering the quilt in the same purple but have not made up my mine yet. 

Happy Stitching all. 


Jan said...

The KState looks purple on my screen. Very bright. I like the idea of the purple on the edge.
Pot4 is looking good. Only seven more bands?! that is great.

Susan said...

Pot 4 Dickie looks great. It is a very pretty band. I am really enjoying watching this one grow. Love the quilt and I think purple would be perfect for edging.

Minnie said...

Great job on the quilt perfect layout and purple border will finish it off beautifully. Your cross stitching is gorgeous as ever.