Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter and a String Quilt update.

Here is a picture of 80 of my string blocks. I am up to 96 now but didn't take a picture yet. This quilt will be a large throw about 10 blocks by 12 blocks plus the border. I am still thinking about the border since I am not sure if I want a string border or a solid border to pull it all together.

I was quilting my grandson's quilt Thursday and had my first stupid accident. Never put your finger under the sewing machine needle when the machine has power. You never know when your foot might twitch on the pedal and sew through you finger. I was very lucky since it only punched through the fatty pad of my pointer finger and I was able to get it out without to much damage. I was very shaky and very lucky.

Poor Pot 4 Dickie is sitting neglected on the frame but I will get back to it one day soon.

Happy Stitching everyone from Rainy Florida

Have a nice Easter to all that celebrate it.


Susan said...

OUCH!!!! Unfortunately, I think that is something that every quilter does at least once. Hope your finger is better. Love the string quilt. I think I'd use a solid for the border just to stop the quilt and rest your eyes (if that makes any sense).

cucki said...

Oh dear..hope your finger is better..
Sweet hugs s