Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It's a waiting game.

My niece Kelli is in the hospital right now with her husband JD and my sister Janet waiting for Brentley Dean to make his appearance into this wonderful world of ours. Pappy Richard had to stay home with the dog but they are all waiting

I have two Quilt Top to show off today. I finished the borders on Roy and Jacob's quilt tops. I had hoped to get the tops pined and quilted in the next week or so but my shoulder/arm is bothering me and wrestling those quilt top, batting and backing material sandwiches through the sewing machine is not going to happen. I may get them pined but the quilting is going to wait a while. 

Roy's quilt is bordered in a beautiful purple, which is his favorite color. His quilt has a very sports theme. 

Jacob's quilt is bordered in a great dark blue and is quilt is colorful with some T-Ball thrown in. I asked him is favorite color and he told me he likes all of them. So I did my best to include a lot of colors. 


cucki said...

Aww I know it's such a good sweet waiting..
Love for you all
Lovely quilts
Big hugs x

Jan said...

I can remember Kelli coming to your house as a little baby and now she's having one of her own. Tell Janet and her family all the best with the new family member (and she can email me a picture!)

The quilts look great too!

Susan said...

The quilts look great.