Monday, May 19, 2014

My quilting

Wow I am really into my quilting. My grandson's got their quilt's last week and loved them. Jacob the 6 year old took his quilt to school today for show and tell. Here is the picture my daughter sent me. I've never been a show and tell before. 

My shirt quilt is up to 19 blocks. So far I have only used the backs of the 12 shirts, so I should have enough fabric in the sleeves and fronts to do 5 more blocks(I hope). Still need to rearrange them a few times to get the best looking pattern. 


cucki said...

Beautiful x

Jan said...

Boy, Jacob sure has gotten big. Doesn't seem like six years have gone by.
I like the shirt quilt. That is really cool.

Susan said...

Oh that is a very cute story! Glad the quilts were so well received. I love the shirt quilt.