Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pot 4 Dickie update and a few quilt projects.

I have made a little progress on Pot 4 Dickie but I missed finishing it by my birthday since it has come and gone. I am going to try to get it done before I head up to NC for my niece Kelli's wedding in April. She and JD eloped when she came home from overseas and now they are having a wedding so Richard can walk her down the aisle. 
 On the left is what Pot 4 looked like on 1/1/15 and the right is today 1/29/15. I added two rows of stitching under the birds and started on the next row of flowers.
I love to learn new things so when my FB group started posting about making paper piecing blocks that are only 3 1/2 inches big I had to try it. They are called Wild and Goosey, so I have to say I was goosed.  Here are the two blocks I did using my scraps. I may try more but I have a wedding quilt to piece and quilt. I am going to make a French Braid Quilt for Kelli and JD.
 I can post it here because I know they don't look at this blog. On the design wall I have one braid sewn together and the other three ready to sew. So far I am enjoying this pattern, it's the first time I have tried one of these but it won't be the last. I will keep you all posted on my progress. 

Happy Stitching All.


Susan said...

Wonderful progress on P4D. Love the braided quilt and the colors you used. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

Jan said...

You are going to finish Pot4 this year. I just know it.