Monday, March 9, 2015

Hobbies Update

Been working on Kelli and JD's wedding quilt and a quilt for Ashlea's birthday. Both tops are done now I have to make them into quilt sandwiches and quilt them. Here Ashlea's with the border's attached. I will post a picture of the other quilt later.

I have been playing around with paper piecing too. I got a taste of it with the wild and goosey and now I have done another one. 

I also made a binding tool star, Have to stop watching Missouri Star Quilt companies You Tubes, love Jenny. Sadly I had to take apart the star. It turns out the black material that I got from a lady who was getting out of sewing was dry rot. I had to rip out one of the seams and the material shredded. So I had to take the start apart. One of these days I will make it again and make it into a wall hanging. 
I did sew on Pot 4 Dickie for about an hour this week but have no picture to post. I will post an update on it next week. 
Happy Stitching All 


Deb said...

Wow! Very pretty work!

Deb said...

These are all quite lovely, I feel the frustration of dry rot on the fabric, eek such a task to take it all out.