Thursday, November 12, 2015

Stitching Update 11/12

I have worked on Pot 4 Dickie a few times since the last update. It's looking pretty good. 
I may take it to the rehab with me or wait till I get back home to work on it. After all needles and small scissors might not be good around pain medisine.

I finished chopping up the last Jelly Roll Quilt and sewing it back together. The squares have sashing, I added a border and cornerstones. Janet and I picked out a flannel backing fabric and I added the two color magic binding to finish it off. It turned out a lot prettier than I thought it would. I know it will look great on the brown leather sofa in Janet's living Room. 


ORANGERY S said...

What beautiful design you are stitching, can't wait for the end result. Sunny Greetings from New Orleans, Alice

Jan said...

You are really flying on it now. I know you can finish it before the end of the year.