Monday, February 15, 2016

Hearts AFlutter and other updates.

I am going to participate in a year long QAL called The Splendid Sampler. There will be 100 blocks in this quilt with over 80 different designer and many different types of needlework. 
The blocks will come out on Sunday and Thursday each week and the first one came out yesterday. The block is called Hearts Aflutter  designed by Pat Sloan. I love it. 

I have also been working on Pot 4 Dickie, I am very close to finishing this sampler. 

I am working on a few other things but my quilt room is topsy turvy. In fact my whole house is a mess. I am having the carpet replaced in the bedrooms and had to empty out all the closets and get everything off the floors but the furniture. Wow didn't realize all the hobby stuff I brought with me to Florida and just how much fabric I have acquired since I started quilting. 

Happy Stitching Everyone 


cucki said...

Just beautiful x

llknbillburg said...

Wow! Nearly finished with P4D!! I am so jealous! laura

Jan said...

The heart is beautiful. I expect to see Pot4D finished very soon.