Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hunter's Star Border One

My Hunter's Star Throw with its first border. I love the movement in the fabric. I am debating a narrow blue border and than a wider swirly fabric border or just the red and swirly border. I will live with it a while and see which I want to do. 


My new floors are in and I love them. While every thing is still on the lanai and sofa and well stuck all over the house, I am having more shelves put in the closets. Figure do it now before I put back the things that are going. I also rearranged my quilt room while I was at it. 
I am also going to try to organize my fabric more orderly. (I know stop laughing Jan, I can do orderly.) The trash bags you see in the pictures in front of the cabinet are full of fabric that has to be refolded and stacked on the shelves. I am going to try using my fabric stash instead of running to the Quilt Store when I need fabric. 
Happy Stitching everyone.