Saturday, February 20, 2016

Woo Hoo It's Done

Pot 4 Dickie is done!!!!!!

The last stitch was taken at 7:30pm on 2/20/2016, it was started 2/16/2011. I will have to wash and straighten it out but it is done and beautiful. It looks very catty wompish in the picture but that is from it being on the frame for so long.
I was able to personalize it but the wording is in Dutch I think. It says "The granddaugther of Franklin Beall has made this sampler". The other phrase on the sampler says "after the rain the sun will shine". 



cucki said...

Wow it's so lovely
Well done x

Christine said...

That is stunning!

Blu said...

Amazing finish!

llknbillburg said...

Fantastic finish March Ann! How wonderful that you had the will to stay with if for as long as it took, even if it was a while. Mine is still in the bottom of a bag somewhere and I don't know when it will once again see the light of day. But your lovely finish is an inspiration and I may have to just go find it!! Laura