Saturday, April 23, 2016

Playing Catch Up

With every thing else I have been working on and a mild case of bronchitis has put me behind on my Splendid Sampler Quilt blocks. I worked on them Friday and I now only have Block 20 left until block 21 comes our tomorrow. I know it is not a race but if I get to far behind I will push it to the side and never work on it again. I don't want to do that. 
Here are blocks 15 through 19, block 20 is on the q-snaps waiting to be embroidered. 
15, Family Affair
17, Family Stars
16, Pieces of Friendship

18, Lina's Gift

19, Measure twice, Cut once

1 comment:

Blu said...

They all look so great. The last one is really cute, but the colours on the first blow me away.