Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Second Week of Recorvery

On May 2nd I had a thyroidectomy because I had two very large goiters on my Thyroid. Thank Goodness they were noncancerous but they were causing a lot of problems with my breathing so they had to come out. The ENT said that the Thyroid had to be removed at the same time. Today he said every thing was looking great and I needed to give it another week or so then back to my normal life. 
Needless to say for the 3 weeks leading up to the surgery I was a basket case and didn't do much of anything but sit on my but reading and worrying.  
So now I have a pretty scar where I let someone cut my throat but I am told it will almost disappear in about a year. 

I am feeling pretty good and hope to pick up my crafts and get going again soon. I have two projects going in the quilt room and Death by Cross Stitch sitting here by my chair waiting patiently. 

Square in a square Star block
I have 3 parts of Jen Kingwell's Lone Time Gone quilt done and part 4 ready to finish. As you can tell from the blocks this is going to be a very scrappy quilt. 
Bow Tie Blocks

Crosses of the UK blocks

Jacob's Ladder Blocks waiting to be finished


cucki said...

Love your blocks.
Sending you love and hugs x

Glenna said...

I am so glad you're ok. You are too funny--"I let them cut my throat..." Their stitches are tidy--I hope you told them they'd make good stitchers. Not as good as us though.

Jan said...

Well, I was wondering what the surgery was for when I saw Heather's FB post. Glad you're doing better.

Minnie said...

I had no idea you needed or even had surgery but I too am so glad you are doing OK. I love your cross stitch it is gorgeous as always but I think you have really found your true calling in quilting. You have made some of the most beautiful blocks I have ever seen. Take care.

Astrids dragon said...

So glad everything went well and hope you are recovered by now.
You have plenty to keep you busy, enjoy it!