Sunday, June 11, 2017

Death by Cross Stitch update and others.

I have been working one DBCS in the evening and playing in the quilt room in the mornings. 
I have been working on a quilt called Long Time Gone by Jen Kingwell and I ordered a few books of her books. I had to try one or two of the blocks before putting them all away didn't I. 
I have a few other things I need to work on over the next few weeks. But DBCS will still be my evening stitching. Page 3 my 10th session of stitching on this page. 

So here are the last blocks for LTG, I only have the 13 pineapple blocks and the checkerboard squares used to put it all together left to do. 

Here is my test Steam Punk block only need 40 more.

 This is my first Glitter block it is way off so if I do a quilt with them this one will not be in the quilt.

I worked on putting a binding on a small quilt yesterday and I am working on a few patriotic

table runners for my family.

Sorry this has so many picture I will try to post more often. I am having sew much fun in my retirement. :-)


cucki said...

Love your stitching and pretty quilt
Big hugs x

Susan said...

Everything looks great. Love the pineapple blocks, that is my favorite pattern.