Friday, May 16, 2008

Stitching Again

This is my stitching blog. I have been away from stitching for a few years and now I am STITCHING AGAIN. I stopped stitching because of cataract surgery and other hobbies that came into my life.
I have found many stitching blogs since I started stitching again and decided to set up my own blog. It is going to give me a place to write about my stitching and share photos of my finished and unfinished pieces.
I have come back running that is for sure. I am working on a Mystic Stitch pattern that I got back in 2006 called Sea Sprite and I am working on a new piece I just got from Haven and Earth Designs called The Untold Story. Jospehine Wall is the artist for this and I fell in love with the piece when I saw it as a jigsaw puzzle in the 90's. When I saw it on HAED I had to order it and start it asap. I have done about 2000 stitches on it so far. I'm working on both pieces in rotation. I ordered 5 more Wall designs and 2 other designs from HAED and will put them in my stash for now. I am like many stitchers I want to start all of them but I know that would not make sense.

Sea Sprite 4.12.08

I am keeping a pictorial record of both of these WIP’s. You can see them on my webshots page.Take a look and sorry for the poor photography. I hope to redo the shots as soon as I can figure out how to make them look better.

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