Saturday, August 15, 2009

August's Stitch and Bitch

There were three of us here today for our monthly S & B. Jan and I worked on our stitching and Sharliena did homework.
As always Jan and I worked on Home of a Needleworker. I am still on the house but Jan has moved on to the large flower to the right of the house. Here is my progress so far:


Then I worked on my Castles in the Air sampler. I noticed that I stitched one part of part 2 side 2C in the wrong color OOPS. So I froged that out and restitched it today. Here is my Progress on it:


Then after lunch we went down to In Stitches our LNS and I came home with Stash. Not the best picture but you can see the rooster can't you?


I am going tomorrow and get the material and floss for the Mary Wigham sampler and may just have to put a few stitches in it when I get home.

Happy Stitching

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Nancy M said...

Nice stash! It must be fun to get together with others and stitch and go to the LNS together too!