Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Works in Process

I have been reading stitching blogs like crazy the last few days and I have sure enjoyed them all. I have seen so many finished pieces that I would love to have in my stash too. I saw many pinkeeps, biscornu's, scissors fobs and tins that I loved and want to try my hand at them one day. I have only finished one needlebook that I started in a class many years ago but love it. I think it would be fun to try my hand at all these different finishes.

I want to set up a WIP rotation for the pieces I want to get finished. I find this hard to do because when I get on a stitching roll I don’t want to switch but I am going to try it for a while. Maybe I can get some things done this way. I plan to add a few other pieces that I have larking in the stitching box that sits beside my stitching chair as I get more done on the smaller pieces.
Here is the list of the pieces that I am going to put in my rotation and the picture of how they look today, 8/11/09. Once I set up the plan for my rotation I will post that here too. (I sure hope this works better than setting goals, that didn't work for me)

1. Sea Sprite, last worked on 3/09/09

2.The Home of a Needleworker.
I work on this during my monthly Stitch and Bitch
hoan 8.11.09

3.Castles in the Air, Mystrey Sampler from Papillon Creations
cita part 2

4.French Country Rooster
french county rooster

5.The Bramble and The Rose, from The Gift of Stitching June issue.
The Bramble and the rose
tbar 8.11.09

6. The Untold Story
TUTS 8.06.09

7. Celtic Table Runner, freebie from Ink Circles September 2007
Celtic Knott runner one end


Ranae said...

gat a stitchin'
You have many beautiful thinkgs going on.
I have tried rotation, it doesn't work for me. I stitch on whatever is screaming louder, lol
Good Luck with it.
I know reading all these stitching blogs make you want to buy and finish it all.

Ranae said...

I meant Get a stitchin'

Jan said...

I crash and burn every time I try a rotation. I wish you better luck!

Nancy M said...

Nice projects in your rotation! I have never tried one, I just do what I like and eventually they all get done! There are tons of tutorials on the web to help you try many different finishes. That's the way I have tried and learned!