Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Update

Last night I decided I wanted to stitch so with heating pad in place I gave it a try. I stitched on my LHN "The Home of a Needleworker too". Jan and I decided to give it two hours of stitching during the month because we haven't touched this piece in our last two get together.
So I did an hour last night and an hour today which got me where I am now. So THoaN2 goes back in the bag until the Dec 12th when we get together again.
Now I am going to pull out Castles In The Air and work on it for a while. I will post again tomorrow.


Brigitte said...

Good that you are able to stitch again. Nice progress on your LHN piece.

Nancy M said...

Nice progress, these are always so cute stitched up!

Wanda said...

Pretty. Glad you could stitch with the heating pad. Sometimes I do that even when I'm not feeling bad! The warmth feels so good! It's so nice to have someone to stitch with!