Sunday, December 13, 2009

December Stitch & Bitch

Jan and I got together yesterday for stitching and bitching and of course some new stash was a must. I am still in some pain from my shoulder so my stitching is pretty slow but I did get some done on my LHN:

I finished the stitching on a Christmas gift and will post that when I have it finished completly.

Than I worked on my Castles in the Air,I am still only on part 5 but I am still working on it and it is really beautiful.

On the way to get lunch we went to our LNS, I didn't see anything that jumbed out at me so I grabbed a $10 grab bag they had by the door. Wow I done good there was over $60 worth of books in the bag.


Nancy M said...

Now that my Christmas stitching is over, I've thought about getting Castle back out. I've only done up to part 2. Good thing they aren't putting out a part each month, I'd be really behind! Both your projects look good!

Charlene said...

Wow - great stitching with a sore arm. What a great grab bag! Congrats!

Wanda said...

Oh yes....Castle in the Air is beautiful! Such nice colors and stitching. I like your tree...and of COURSE you put up a tree! Just because you live alone doesn't mean you don't decorate! I loved decorating my little apartment when I lived alone. I felt so happy and warm when I came home!

Brigitte said...

You have some great projects on the go. And lucky you to get such a great grab bag. There are some terrific charts in it.