Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mid-week Post

Woo Hoo I have finished row 4 on Pot 4 Dickie. This one went pretty quick for me, I started it on July 4th and finished it on the 12th and there were many days/nights when it didn't even come out of the backpack because I was reading or surfing.
 This weekend I picked up my Castles in the Air for about 30 minutes to work on part 22 not much done but it is a start. This is the top left corner, I will be working on it some more during our July Stitch and Bitch on the 16th. I think I am going to combine parts 22 and 23 together so I will be doing the two top corners and the Castles and wall along the top edge. This has been a great stitch and I am looking forward to seeing what Yvonne come up with for the new mystery sampler she is planning to start next January.
Happy Stitching Everyone, Hope you are enjoying your summer.


Nancy said...

Nice progress! Castles has such pretty colors!

mdgtjulie said...

Great progress on P4D, and Castles is looking beautiful. Love all the vibrant colors. I bet you need a change from one color after a while!

Val said...

Lovely work - well done I haven't even started Castles yet !