Thursday, April 18, 2013


Woo Hoo yesterday was one of the GREATEST day. 
The first thing that happened is I got my new stitching frame and will post pictures after I use it this week end during the IHSW. I have Herbie on it already just waiting for me to start working on it tomorrow. I have been working on Pot 4 Dickie the last few days, when I have been stitching at all.

Number two, was I got to host five ladies over for the afternoon and we played a lot of great rounds of Mah Jongg, I even won a few rounds. I will be taking my set to Virginia with me and hope to teach my sister to play so I don't go into Mah Jongg withdrawals. :-)

Number Three and what made yesterday the GREATEST Day was my real estate man called and the bank excepted my offer for my villa  Woo Hoo I am going to be a home owner. We will go to settlement when I come back from Virginia.
Happy Stitching Everyone.


Glenna said...

Congratulations on homeownership of the villa. Can't wait to see pictures!

cucki said...

Congrats dear x