Saturday, March 1, 2014

March 1 Update on BOM Quilt

Today I spent most of the day in the Quilting Room, and it was not a hardship. I am behind on my Block of the Month Quilt so I decided this weekend I would catch up during the day, than work on Pot 4 Dickie in the evening. 

This is my January BOM. 

Here is December and January. I will not sew them together until I have the whole row done but you can see how it will go together. 

The November and October that I already have done were sewn with the wrong seam allowance and was 4 1/2 too short to match with December's. I contacted the company and they sent me the fabric to do the two sets of blocks again and only changed me for one set. The first set of blocks will become two pillow shams to be used with the quilt. So I will slowly be working on them once I am caught up. I will work on the February blocks tomorrow. March's block will be here after the 15th so I will have time to start another project and I have a lot of them planned that is for sure. 
Happy Stitching all. 

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Susan said...

Very pretty. Great customer service and it's nice that you have matching pillows. I do like the way you split up the stitching/quilting.