Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday in the quilt room

I spent a few hours in the quilt room this morning jumping from project to project only getting one thing almost completed. 
1. First thing I did was a sample block for Clue two in the Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt. I need to work on it and cut way more fabric but I wanted to get one done. 
 Block 1 of 100 and it is a little off so I need to figure out what I did wrong. It is only 1/8'' but if you times that by a 100 the quilt will be way off so I will work on this tomorrow. 

I also cut the lining for two market bags that were put on hold while I worked on the two Mondo Bags I made. 

Then I worked on making a pre-printed cloth book. I was given the books and would like to get them made but I can see this is not going to become something I do a lot of.  I am going to hit the recliner and slip closed these pages so it will be finished. Cute isn't it.

Once that is finished I am going to finish hand sewing the edge of a hand made Grandmothers Flower Garden Quilt for a friend. It has been sitting here long enough. Now that my finger is healed I should be able to do the hand sewing and get it done. Than if I am not crazy I am going to work on Pot 4 Dickie. Its not going to be done by 2015 but it will be done in 2015. 
Happy Stitching everyone. 

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